Freelance Copywriting Opportunities: 12 Ways To Find Work

Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

More chances are becoming available for independent copywriters as companies large and small alike generate increasing percentages of their sales online.

Freelance copywriting opportunities are the ideal situation for many writers: you can choose your hours, write in your jammies, and avoid the miserable rush-hour commute.

Even yet, diving into the freelancing world can feel like diving into the unknown.

The text that copywriters produce is tailored to each client's industry.

For instance, if a business wants to start a campaign to advertise a new product, it might employ a freelance copywriter to create blog entries outlining the product's advantages.

Are you worried about how to get freelance copywriting work?

This post will help you a lot in finding freelance copywriting opportunities.

What Is Freelance Copywriting?

Writing texts for marketing, selling, or advertising is known as copywriting.

The freelance copywriting definition is a job in copywriting rewarding?

For business purposes, copywriting can be a fantastic freelancing vocation worth mastering. It is the online freelance job that clients prefer the most.

Even if you lack experience, you can learn and develop both. For copywriters, there are many online courses accessible.

The fact that copywriters will rely on your work is what matters most. Your combination of skills can only make you a better copywriter.

Who Is A Freelance Copywriter?

A freelance copywriter is a person who creates copy for businesses under a contract or on a project basis.

It can apply to advertisements, websites, digital content, or blog entries.

The text will be written with a specific objective, such as persuasion, informing, ranking highly in search engines (primarily Google), converting clients, and more.

Freelance copywriters can collaborate with clients directly or through an agency, like Honcho, which acts as a go-between for the copywriter and the client.

What Does Freelance Copywriter Do?

Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

Freelance copywriters are in charge of running their businesses.

Therefore, they must decide on fees and market their services to attract customers.

They pick their assignments and coordinate timelines and expectations with their clients.

Their regular tasks could involve:

-    Carrying out market research regarding the topic of the article

-    Making suggestions to clients about consumer targeting

-    Observing the style guides of the clients

-    Strategic keyword inclusion in copy

-    Locating and including photos to improve the text

-    The material is posted to a content management system (CMS)

-    Monitoring the content's analytics

-    Utilizing customer input to improve the copy

How To Land Your First Project As A Freelance Copywriter?

You can only truly learn so much about copywriting from reading.

Writing copy yourself is where you know to write copy 90% of the time.

Even while it's essential to study some of the excellent freelance copywriting opportunities resources available, once you've read for 12 to 15 hours, you've learned all you can from reading.

It's time to get to work now. It's time to begin creating content, acquiring clients, and creating even more content.

If you're a responsible person, you might ask yourself, "Wait a minute, how am I going to charge people to create a copy if I've never written a copy before?"

Or, at the very least, it doesn't matter if you are paid (or how much).

    Begin With Three Practice Projects

Writing the copy for your own copywriting freelance job company should be your first step.

You must be a legitimate business owner with genuine demand for excellent copy if you plan to work as a freelance copywriter.

Next, get a seasoned copywriter to review your text for five minutes and provide some feedback. It does not matter if you are unaware of a reputable copywriter.

Send a message to someone you find on Twitter. Write a new copy for two more companies after that. Write copy for your buddies who own businesses.

They don't have to be interested in using the document or paying you. You want to rehearse and seek input from the right individuals. Obtain as much commentary as you can.

Now it is time to start seeking to pay clients once you've created copy for three companies, one of which should be your own.

Why Do Businesses Employ Freelance Copywriters?

Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

Employing independent copywriters is common for a variety of reasons.

In-house personnel cannot frequently produce text that might increase sales. Sometimes, they don't generate enough work to support full-time employment, or strong demand may have developed temporary overflow labor.

A more affordable approach is hiring a freelance copywriter, and marketing teams increasingly appreciate the value a skilled writer can add to a company.


Clarity is crucial in digital marketing, especially for firms with websites.

Prospective customers do not physically see the product. They cannot interact with or use it and are not discussing a service face-to-face with a representative.

These businesses rely solely on words and imagery to communicate the value of their product or service.

Word artists with the skill to convey a precise verbal image of the brand, product, or service are freelance copywriters.


Unprofessionalism is evident on websites rife with errors, misspellings, and bad grammar.

A potential consumer may be turned off by postings or product descriptions that are overly technical or complicated, which might even cause a devoted customer to lose faith in a company.

The message of a brand is delivered professionally by a skilled freelance copywriter.


In the end, businesses desire outcomes.

Senior copywriters can produce captivating, flawless content intended to generate results because they have years of expertise.

How Do Freelance Copywriters Find Work?

Thinking that how do freelance copywriters find work? Here are the top 12 ways to find freelance copywriting opportunities.

1.    Conduct Research

Before you start searching for positions, make sure you are fully aware of what a career as a freelance copywriter comprises and the duties you might be expected to perform.

Whether you are interested in freelance writing jobs remote or full-time jobs, research is essential.

To do this, check up with other independent copywriters and read their blogs to understand how they live their daily lives.

2.    Possess a Fantastic Content Portfolio

Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

One of the most acceptable methods to prove to clients and agencies that you are qualified and talented is to compile a portfolio of writing samples.

However, if you're a new freelance copywriter, you might not yet have any works you can display.

You can compile a few writing samples highlighting your skills, so don't worry.

These could be essays or articles for magazines at your school or institution.

To promote your writing, you may even accept some unpaid labor from friends or charitable organizations or launch your blog or website.

Or create some SEO copywriting examples for a prospective customer or agency.

3.    Tell Your Family and Friends

Are you seeking the best way if you need copywriting jobs with no experience, this is a great way. Make your availability to write for firms known to everyone you know.

Tell them what kinds of copywriting projects, such as those for brochures, white papers, direct mail sales letters, or website content, you are interested in.

4.   Find Businesses

You contact numerous small businesses as you go about your daily activities.

You visit a chiropractor, do your grocery shopping at an organic market, or take your kids to the gym. You can naturally meet business owners in all of these areas.

Your hidden weapon is that you are familiar with and enjoy the industry!

Since you are currently a customer, you may potentially barter for writing services.

5.   Reach Out to Your Home Town

Pick up the most recent pamphlets and leaflets by strolling through your neighborhood's commercial district or stopping by the chamber of commerce.

Introduce yourself as a copywriter and ask if they'd want assistance developing more vital messages when you call or visit businesses with subpar marketing materials.

6.    Commercial Park Firms

Industrial park firms are ideal targets for copywriting because they frequently operate in medium-sized or larger, relatively unglamorous establishments.

Since they don't have a store that customers can see on Main Street, they need to spread the word.

The competition is also less fierce because they get hit on less frequently.

7.    Networking Sites

Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

Business networking websites like LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for writers looking for freelance copywriting jobs from home.

In addition to gathering recommendations from businesses, you've worked with to establish your reputation.

Your searchable profile page allows you to include anything you need to show your experience to companies that may be seeking freelancers.

You may connect with other freelancers to exchange advice on finding the best gigs by joining relevant LinkedIn groups.

Employment your online communities and networks to spread the word that you are available for freelance copywriting opportunities.

Locate potential clients and pursue them; start a conversation, investigate their website, perhaps offer some links to helpful marketing articles, and then present your case.

8.    Career Banks

Finding the kinds of roles you want is simple, thanks to the searchable lists of open openings offered by job listing websites like Indeed, which include freelance, part-time, and contract positions.

For potential employers to locate you, they also allow you to upload resumes.

9.    The Direct Method

You can directly approach clients with proposals if you've done your homework and identified any that you believe might be a good fit for your services.

It benefits tiny neighborhood businesses because they might not even know the advantages of employing a freelance copywriter.

10.    Printed Publications

Assignments for magazine articles are frequently just the beginning for publishers.

There can be opportunities to produce unique advertising sections or write editorials for the magazine's sponsors.

They may organize conferences that require marketing collateral, or they may have a "custom publishing" division that assists businesses in producing training manuals or books to mark significant business anniversaries.

11.    Sign Up for Freelance Websites

Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

You may discover everything from entry-level to experienced copywriting work on freelancing websites for writing jobs online.

All you have to do is register for an account and respond to a few questions regarding your qualifications and the kinds of jobs you're interested in.

Websites for independent contractors are excellent for establishing a clientele with whom you can deal directly.

Ask the customer to keep you in mind for their next project if you produce excellent copy for them.

12.    Reach Out To Organizations

Search online for companies like Honch that work with independent copywriters on their projects.

To discover whether they have any open positions, send a kind email introducing yourself, your talents, and your work portfolio.

Don't worry if they weren't outsourcing work when you sent your email. Request that you retain your information on file and might contact you about work in the future.

You might be hired to produce SEO copy, assist with content marketing, or write some email copy.

Is Freelance Copywriting A Good Career?

Are you finding the answer to the question i.e. is freelance copywriting a good career?

Although it takes much more work than a typical job, freelance copywriters can earn a modest living. It's wise to be aware that tasks will occasionally vary.

It would help if you consistently looked for new projects. You must also take your work seriously if you want to be taken seriously as a freelance copywriter.

Learn to market yourself as effectively as you will be selling other items.

Establishing a website, LinkedIn profile, and social media profiles to advertise your new position is an excellent idea.

These are the ideal starting points for submitting your work, connecting with other copywriters, and looking for new clients.

Being a freelancer or choosing to do copywriting as a job is a great idea. The last few years have been quite difficult for us.

It was challenging to get work, but as a copywriter, you can have a successful career and make money.

There are many reasons to establish a copywriting firm, which is great for a freelancer to launch.

Every successful business is built on the fundamental ability to Copywrite. You can not gain something from honing your persuasive communication abilities.

You can think of it as every stage of the business, from finding a job to begin working for the firm to finding investors.

And to find new clients, to get those clients to return time and time, to get them to spend more money when they visit your agency, store, or website. The best industry is copywriting.

Copywriting lets you get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at more prominent and more prosperous companies.

But to make these things accurate, you must carefully choose your clients.

You may occasionally need to select customers whose goods or services you are not interested in.

Writing advertisements for goods or services earns you money.


Since the core of copywriting is creating content that engages audiences and promotes the product, which in turn generates sales for businesses.

It is one of the talents you can learn that will also be an evergreen business model even after the advent of AI.

You might find yourself writing articles about the newest trends in the at-home workout or creating a jingle for water bottles.

You can initially look for jobs for freelance writers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Craigslist, and Indeed.

You will discover the kinds of writing you enjoy doing and the kinds of clients you wish to work with.

Writing well is a skill that will always be in demand, even though writing trends are continuously changing.

Freelance copywriting opportunities need a lot of imagination, feelings, and empathy, all of which should come through in your work so that various audiences may relate to the brand and the product more efficiently and purchase it.

Copywriting is similar to marketing and advertising for goods and services. You can pursue a profession in copywriting.

You can pursue copywriting if you have more substantial research and communication skills.

Nearly every business needs a copywriter, and their numbers are growing daily. That will significantly aid you in generating income.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions left that aren't covered in this post.

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