How To Make Money By Writing Articles In 2022 (Revealed)

Make Money By Writing Articles

The digital age has arrived, and everyone wants to make money online.

That is why you are here, reading about how to make money by writing articles.

Let us assure you that you are reading the correct article since we will provide detailed instructions on how to earn money by writing articles in this article.

Writing articles is an art form. Everyone wants to make money online while sitting at home using this method.

That is why individuals are always looking for ways to make money online, such as "can you make money writing articles?" "passive income for writers" and so on.

Article Writing: What Is It?

A person can write detailed information on anything using the skill of writing.

Everyone has a different set of skills. He can make money by writing about what he knows.

Regardless of your knowledge, you can write on anything, including news, technology, finance, and blogs.

Writing articles can be used to make money in a variety of ways.

For example, you can make money from home by writing articles for my website. Aside from that, there are other ways to make money by producing articles.

Article writing is also known as content writing. In both ways, it's the same. It makes no difference whether you are writing an essay or creating content.

Importance Of Learning This Skill

There are a lot of additional fair internet money-making possibilities for freelance writers.

However, you must possess the necessary talents to be chosen from a big pool of applicants.

Improving your writing skills and knowledge can help you earn money and become a consistent revenue source.

As a freelance article writer, you will have the freedom to work at your speed, determine the pricing, and earn a consistent income.

Can I Earn Money By Writing Articles?

Make Money By Writing Articles

Are you an excellent writer? Do you have any writing experience?

Do you want to make money writing articles and other content online? Then this is for you.

Writing articles for other people, corporations, and website owners is a way to get money online.

Many people are looking for someone with writing talents for articles such as SEO content, blog content, news content, academic pieces, and information on various themes.

There are a plethora of different types of articles you can write on this site. For the items that require imagination, all you need to do is be inventive.

Similarly, it would be best if you were well-informed about stories that demand you to write on current events.

You must also be articulate in whichever language you choose to write in.

Anyone with a high school diploma or higher is eligible to participate.

For us to validate your qualifications, you must email us scans of your academic certificates. In this scenario, prior experience is crucial.

As a result, if you've been creating articles or other similar written content, please provide us any certificates or references that can attest to your work with them.

Anyone who has been producing articles for other websites and has a strong profile can send us a link to assist us in verifying their experience and skills.

Once you begin writing for us, you will start to grow your profile as a writer.

The higher the ranking, the more writing gigs you get, and the more money you make.

You can make money by writing or selling articles you have already published.

Partica is a Material Marketplace where you may get compensated for your content repeatedly.

You get paid every time someone downloads your content.

The more articles you have in Partica and the more downloads they receive, the more money you earn.

Publishers and small to medium-sized organizations can use your articles for marketing reasons.

Companies looking for material browse for and select articles they require, then purchase a license to utilize them before downloading them.

13 Top Ways To Make Money By Writing

Make Money By Writing Articles

There are numerous ways to make money online in today's digital world.

Blogging, YouTube, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, guest posting, freelancing, and many other methods are available.

Article writing is an example of one of these strategies. That is to say; you can also get money by creating articles.

You can write well on any topic if you are passionate.

There's also no reason to be concerned if you wish to make money from your talent.

Because now we'll inform you about various venues where you can make a nice living by writing.

So, how can you make money by creating articles?

To get paid to write articles, you'll need to start someplace, gain skills and knowledge, establish a customer base and reputation, and eventually be able to make more.

What are the ways where you can get paid for article writing? 

Here is the list of the 13 best ways to make money writing.

1. Freelance Platforms

With freelance platforms, you may make money writing online.

These freelance marketplaces allow you to create an account and search for work. Most systems will enable you to create a portfolio and collect consumer feedback.

Another benefit is the safe payment method. On the other hand, freelance platforms impose fees on authors, clients, or both.

As a result, it's essential to read the terms and requirements.

iWriter is one of the best sites that offer various articles and themes.

Starting at $1.40 for 150 words, you can earn up to $80 every 500 words. To be compensated, you must make at least $20 weekly. Otherwise, your cash will be squandered.

2. Writing Articles For Blogs

Another way to earn paid to create articles is to work directly with websites looking for contributors.

These are usually enormous platforms with a large community regularly publishing fresh content.

For example, Great Escape Publishing needs travel-related articles and content that educate people on how to make money writing about blogging, travel, photography, and other topics.

There, you can make from $50 to $200 per post. 

3. Give Services Of Article Writing

Article writing services act as a middleman and have more command over tasks.

Extensive services are more credible in customers' eyes than freelancers, you'll be more likely to have a consistent workflow.

Textbroker: Textbroker is an excellent service, with prices ranging from 0.7 cents to $5 per word.

You can write independently or collaborate with other authors on a larger project.

To begin working, you must submit a sample post, be rated, and special projects depending on your rating.

It's worth noting that Textbroker exclusively accepts authors from the United States.

WriterAccess: WriterAccess welcomes writers, editors, content strategists, and translators and uses artificial intelligence to locate their work.

With a pay rate of $2.8–$7 per word and two monthly distributions, you'll collect 70% of the earnings.

To become a community member, you must first create a profile and pass a competency exam.

There's also an extensive library of photos, videos, and templates to assist authors in creating high-quality content.

4. Sponsored Posts

Make Money By Writing Articles (2)

Create sponsored posts for other brands to cash your writing skills while promoting your blog: articles, offers, announcements, lists, videos, infographics, and more.

The company will pay you cash or provide gift cards, free product samples, and other benefits.

When working with platforms like Cooperatize or PayPerPost, you may earn $150-$800 for every sponsored piece of content.

If you haven't yet received sponsored deals, you must begin networking with other bloggers and brands.

If you already do, strengthen your outreach plan to secure more sales and earn more money.

5. Writing Contests

Another excellent approach to earning paid to create articles at home is to enter a writing contest.

It's not the most common way to make money, but it's still worth a shot.

Typically, such competitions focus on a specific genre or theme - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.

Awards are granted to the writers of the most relevant and appealing content.

For example, you can enter Nowhere Magazine's Travel Writing Contest to win $1,000.

Examine the entire list of genuine writing contests to find one that best suits your talents and interests.

6. Guest Posting

Posting your material on another blogger's blog or website is known as guest posting.

You can perform guest posting for money or obtain Dofollow Backlinks for your blog.

Guest writing is also an excellent technique to gain backlinks for your successful blog or website if you have one.

You'll need to create a writing portfolio as a freelance article writer.

It can be the most challenging portion of the procedure for beginners.

Start submitting guest posts to prominent blogs if you have decent writing skills.

Guest blogging does not typically earn you money, but it can help you gain some bylined pieces that you can utilize to expand your writing portfolio.

Concentrate on writing for blogs in the niches you're most interested in, and submit helpful content that people will love reading.

You'll be able to refer to these guest blog entries later when pitching clients. If you write for a prominent website, you may be able to get clients directly.

7. Make Your Blog And Write For It

Making your site is the finest and most effective way to earn money by producing articles.

If you know a bit about blogging, you can start your blog and make money and publish a report daily.

Blogging can genuinely allow you to make a lot of money.

You can write articles and earn money on high-demand blog topics on your site.

Google Adsense is a crucial part of making money from a site. It is a long-term approach to set up a blog but posting articles on it is not a quick achievement.

And blogging won't pay the bills until you monetize the site through affiliate marketing, sponsored pieces, or selling your product.

Once the blog has enough content, it will generate revenue on autopilot. Even when you're sleeping.

On average, it takes around a year to earn $1,000 to $1,500 each month. 

Choose a reliable blogging platform, a profitable niche, a catchy domain name that people can easily remember, and start writing content to assure a solid start.

Then, along the road, optimizing the website for both consumers and search engines and monetizing the content through affiliate marketing is critical.

With Travelpayouts, for example, you can promote various travel-related offers and withdraw your earnings in a single payment.

8. Make A Profile On Linkedin

Make Money By Writing Articles (2)

Many companies use LinkedIn to find freelance writers.

Create a LinkedIn profile when you've finished your writer's website. Consider producing pieces in your selected sector on LinkedIn to boost your audience.

Keep an eye on your LinkedIn profile and respond to anyone who contacts you. When you do, you might get a few gigs.

Others have had success blogging on Medium and writing for well-known magazines.

You can save time by sharing the same content across both social media platforms, increasing your potential reach.

9. Writing An Ebook

You may make money by creating ebooks if you want to make money by writing articles.

An ebook is similar to a traditional book.

You can only see and read it as a pdf or word file on your phone or computer.

You can make money by authoring an ebook and uploading it to Amazon or Google Play.

You must work hard to write the whole book once and then advertise your books only once.

10. Pitch Publications With Your Ideas

You can generate money online by pitching ideas to websites and magazines in your industry if you have a specific topic you enjoy writing.

Follow them on social media to get a sense of what they're up to in articles.

Whether you have a topic idea that might be appropriate for their audience, contact the site to see if they accept submissions.

You might come across a handful that compensates writers who develop relevant content for their readers.

11. Publicize Your Articles In The Magazines

Print magazines are still an excellent way to have your writing published.

Each one has its own submission rules, but if you can write feature stories that fit inside those parameters, they might consider them for publication.

Having an article published in print frequently results in a large sum of money.

This process is challenging since you must submit and face the real possibility of rejection, but once your submission is accepted, you will appreciate the extra cash.

Reader's Digest is an excellent location to start looking for published pieces in print magazines.

They pay $100 for short stories or jokes of 100 words or less, which is a good wage.

12. Joining A News Company

Everyone has started reading online news more in today's times, and you have a chance of being one of them.

Can I earn money by writing an article for newspapers?

The era of newspapers is progressively passing us by it. Digital E-paper is replacing it.

If you enjoy writing articles, this is the job for you.

If you enjoy writing news, you can also contact any news organization and create pieces for them.

You won't have to look far for it because many news organizations place a higher value on local news.

That is, you can compose and provide local information. You must be aware that creating online news can potentially make you money.

13. Writing Articles On Quora

Do you know that Quora is a question-and-answer website where you may ask and answer other people's questions?

Google, on the other hand, has just created its question and answer site, dubbed question hub.

You can also use this to ask questions and respond to other people's inquiries.

Apart from Urdu and English, the Quora Platform supports many languages. You may share it by creating a free article on this website.

28 Best Sites For Writing Articles To Make Money

Make Money By Writing Articles (2)

Are you looking for article writing websites to help you make money? Thinking about where can I make money writing articles?

As a freelance writer, you can work from home. Every day, new jobs for article writers are added to the site.

It can be incredibly fulfilling to write and make money online. You can work with the clients or websites that most interest you.

Because employers themselves list current jobs on freelancing job platforms, you'll find them quite helpful.

All you have to do is register as a writer and begin exploring job postings.

You can get paid to promote your trademark and receive traffic.

Whether you are a writer exploring designated platforms to convey your notice or a guest blogger examining to boost your brand and generate traffic.

Many sites will allow you to include your bio and a link to your website with your article submission – but only a few will pay you significantly.

Let's start to learn the best sites for article writing.

Anyone may join Medium's Partner Program to make money by writing articles seen by other Medium users.

All you have to do is write about things near your heart and give readers a fresh perspective.

Medium is a free, open platform where readers can discover new ideas, and established and emerging voices may share their work on any topic.

If your 11-minute narrative has 1000 views and 100% reading time, you might earn around $200.

However, the reading time is less than 30%, and you get about $60 per 1000 views for tales that are 11 minutes long.

If your story is a 5-minute read, you may expect to earn $15 to $30 for every 1000 views.

The editorial staff will assess your article after you become a member and submit your idea.

They will recommend it to people interested in that topic if it meets their quality requirements.

The number of Medium members who view your posts will determine your monthly payment.

In addition, the more time a member spends reading your content, the more money you will make.


If you wish to work from home, Upwork is one of the best online earning sites that can help you because it offers online jobs and allows you to accomplish various tasks.

So, if you don't have any article writing clients, you can use our platform to create an article writing business and start making money.

Many of these sites can be found on the Internet in this manner, and they provide an opportunity to earn money by linking people who write articles with them and providing them with employment.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can create a "gig" to get paid for writing service.

You know, a gig is purchased every 4 seconds on Fiverr.

Freelancers are making anywhere from $5 to $15,000+ per project.

The best writers on Fiverr can make money more than $100 per article; it is a great place to start as a freelance article writer.

It is one of the most popular websites that pay you to write where both workers and those seeking employment can be found and where you can accomplish various tasks.

This site is quite handy for an article writer because you can work on article writing from here.

The essential aspect of this site is that you are given $5 to do all of the tasks, which is a fair sum when converted into Indian rupees.

And once you have established your value on this platform, you may expand it.

To work here, you must first register an account and complete your profile, after which you must submit your request for article writing.

You can then begin earning money by writing articles on the site.

Make Money By Writing Articles (2)

Writing articles on this platform might cost you hundreds of millions per month.

For, it is noticed that if you enjoy writing and want to earn money from it for a long time, this is the most excellent option for you.

Because this post is also a part of it, it is a method for those who produce articles that can transform their lives.

But you won't be able to start earning money right away; you'll have to put in time and effort to learn the ropes.

Once you do, you'll be able to make thousands of rupees per month. Put your efforts on this site and make money blogging

Link-Able is an excellent option for high-quality authors to make money by writing for various clients and sectors.

Link-Able connects businesses searching for mentions, links, and website traffic with authors who can publish on relevant sites.

Jay Douglas founded Link-Able, which gives competitive pricing based on the sites you have authorship on – or can successfully pitch to it.

Business, finance, marketing, health, sport, technology, retail, and other specializations are among them.

The platform is simple to use. Browse the available writing opportunities and apply once you've been approved as an author.

List Verse

You can write for various categories on Listverse, including entertainment, lifestyle, science, society, and general awareness.

It even allows you to write on strange topics such as spooky and strange things and mysteries.

The sole criteria are that your post is in the form of a list with at least ten items per list, regardless of the topic you choose.

The content should be unique and should not be plagiarised. In addition, all of the sources cited in the paper should be valid.

The most excellent part about this website is that you don't have to be a professional writer to submit an article.

Because it is a well-known website, you can expect millions of people to read your content.

You can become a paid contributing staff writer by frequently submitting exciting content. You can start receiving payments right away.

Listverse is the largest traditional origin for lists on the internet.

This site includes a monthly readership of over 15 million people.

They're searching for unique lists of ten items at least 1,500 words long, and they'll pay you $100 if your list is accepted.

Digital Ocean

You may donate your skills while earning money and aiding a tech-related charity through Digital Ocean.

Yes, you may select a tech-related organization worthy of a Digital Ocean donation.

They accept a wide range of writing themes, including cloud hosting, open-source software, software development, and more.

Watch Culture

Every month, millions of worldwide users access Watch Culture's news, opinion, and entertainment coverage.

It explores the popular zeitgeist as an online journal in the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of authors earn money daily by writing articles about film, music, gaming, sports, television, and a variety of other topics to their ever-growing five-million-strong monthly readership.

Contributors are publishing hundreds of stories every week. They can be heard on Sky News, Metro Radio, BBC Radio, Dublin FM, and in national publications.

WritersWeekly buys articles from freelancers and authors all over the world.

It's as simple as reading their instructions, pitching ideas, and signing up for their newsletter.

Guest posts, poetry, cartoons, book reviews, product/service reviews, company or individual profiles, how-to articles, and continuous columns or series by a single writer are not accepted.

The site will likely accept your article if it may assist other writers in making money through content writing.


Through a service established by Auth0, developers can share relevant technical material with Auth0 users.

You could, for example, write about frameworks, programming languages, and development methodologies.

They also have a list of topics from which to choose.

Developer Tutorials

Make Money By Writing Articles (3)

Developer Tutorial sends out programming and design guidelines regularly, keeping users updated on new and developing technologies and methodologies.

They're also seeking posts that link to cool and informative lists that users would find interesting and useful.

They pay you for your tutorials and list-based pieces, so you're not only helping out fellow developers and designers, but you're also building your freelance writing portfolio. is your platform if you have a penchant for writing amusing content.

To be a part of their community, you don't need any prior writing expertise. To get started, simply register on their writer's forum.

You can also create and submit graphic and video-based content and blog postings.

They welcome listicles because they are well-known for them.

Their website has content on a wide range of themes and millions of viewers.

If their editorial team accepts your piece, it will receive much attention.

Their website does not provide a reward sum, but they promise substantial payouts for well-written, amusing, and original content.

Log Rocket

LogRocket is looking for passionate engineers and technical writers to contribute front-end development articles.

Lessons on React, JavaScript, Vue, frontend performance, UI/UX, and other topics are particularly appealing to them.

All you have to do before they accept you is present them with a portfolio of your previous work.

Try this site if you are willing to make money by writing articles.

Michelle Pippin

Michelle Pippin is seeking articles that will assist small businesses in increasing their profitability, influence, or impact.

Michelle Pippin caters to a large audience with snappy and high-quality business and marketing articles.

It could be a site to examine if you have some original content, a great concept, or a hack for the business or marketing area.

While the site concentrates on women in business, it also includes articles on profit, entrepreneurial resources, marketing, case study papers, and current business news.

The site has a significant audience and a diverse range of business and marketing-related content.

Your articles don't need to be too technical but they should be above average.

The site's average business or marketing post is around 800 words long.

UX Booth

UX Booth is a design firm.

That much was obvious to me. The remainder of their website is incomprehensible.

Most of our readers are beginner to advanced user experience and interface designers."

It's anyone's guess what that signifies. It might be good for the user experience, but it's nearly useless for reading.

Nonetheless, they give you money in exchange for participating in the art of nonsense.

CSS Tricks

If you want to make money by writing articles, you can try out this site.

CSS Tricks is also looking for contributors to contribute to their website as guest authors.

They primarily publish CSS stuff. However, they provide a selection of subjects for you to write about.

If your suggestion is accepted, you may also offer a topic and write about it.

Site Point

Site Point is a website that focuses on technical and informational content.

They focus on one issue each month and create content that provides readers with concrete guidance.

Their primary areas of expertise are web development and analytics.

All writers interested in contributing to their site are encouraged to submit pitch ideas.

To become a member of their community, you must first fill out a form in which you must define yourself.

If you are a suitable fit, they will examine your profile and add you to their contributors' group. They expect timeliness and dedication.

Web specialists who love development and design make up most of the Site Point authors.

Site Point is searching for specific technical, educational, well-written, and unique content.

Site Point, based in Melbourne, Australia, collaborates with writers from all over the world.

The editors are industry-leading web developers and designers.

For high-quality papers, they offer to pay the above-industry rates.

It is the website for you if you are dedicated, hardworking, have original content, and want to write for web professionals.

They do not specify how much they pay their authors on their website, but they state that it is above average.

You should give it a shot.

Metro Parent

Experienced freelance writers are welcome to contribute to Metro Parent Publishing Group's magazine and website content.

Their goal is to have a nice balance of entertaining and informative local tales of interest to parents in the area.

Metro Parent's content has been planned for months.

Story ideas should be pitched two to three months before the month in which they will be published.

It is especially true for stories that are based on the seasons.


Make Money By Writing Articles (3)

Copyhackers is a website where you may propose company ideas, copywriting, networking, digital marketing, web development, and other topics.

Your article should be well-researched and at least 2,000 words in length.

Copyhackers are looking for useful content for entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, and designers.

They're searching for articles on starting and building a business, freelancing for a better lifestyle and money, conversion copywriting, UX and A/B testing, product design, persuasion and psychology, and so on.

They welcome pieces in which the author tells a story in the first person.

Your article should have a compelling title to grab readers' interest and be backed up with pertinent data.

Wow Women on Writing

Wow Women on Writing excels at caring about female authors, encouraging them, and seeking opportunities for aspiring freelancers.

Their audience is diverse, but they are all dedicated to creating high-quality material for women. This is one of the best sites to make money by writing articles.

Wow Women focus on new business ideas, freelance work, and training.

The articles are commonly intended to help writers in filing their skills and showcasing their careers.

You can request payment via Paypal or, if you're in the United States, via check.

Reading other Wow Articles is an excellent place to start.

The site is knowledgeable, laid-back, and enthusiastic about exposing excellent writers.

Wow Women is a magazine that concentrates on women, authors, and a monthly article.

Although they do not provide a connection to your material in the articles, they provide a link to your site via your Author profile.

They do not have available extensions, so keep that in mind.

Your article or pitch must be in plain text in the email's body.

Sending a bio or a link to previously published work is an intelligent approach to help you get issued.

Strong Whispers

Strong Whispers publishes various articles on topics such as lifestyle, the environment, and other social issues.

The selection is extensive. You have no restrictions on how much you can contribute.

Articles can cover a wide range of topics, from corporate greed to education reform or a shift in global leadership to empowering citizens to govern and make decisions about how we treat the environment and exploit natural resources.

Piece remuneration varies, but it usually ranges from $50 to $150 for each published article.

This site is willing to pay more for quality content, and the website plans to publish 2-3 guest posts per month.

Greatist is a blog on the relationships, mental health, and everyday lives of 20- and 30-year-olds.

They want to learn about mental health, relationships, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This blog also accepts pieces about work/life balance, issues with substance misuse, and social media/technology.

They require articles to be between 1,000 and 1,500 words long and pay at least $125 for every piece accepted.


Longreads is finding for reports that are well-told, well-written, easy to follow, and depict relatable human experiences that their readers can relate to it.

Blog entries, reading lists, short interviews, personal essays, memoirs, critical essays, book reviews, investigative projects, and long-form journalism are all things they're looking for it.

You can set up and write content from 800 to 6,000 words long, depending on the variety.

They provide $250-$1500 per article.

Informed Comment

The policy and foreign policy publication Informed Comment is well-known.

They want articles to assist them in making policy and foreign policy decisions.

They're especially interested in content related to US foreign policy, the Middle East, and South Asia.

They're also looking for content on religion, human rights, women's rights, worker's rights, religious discrimination, energy, and climate change, to name a few.

They pay $100 for each accepted essay, and they expect entries to be between 800 and 1,000 words long.


Textbroker is similar to Copify. When you apply a long time ago while still a Master's student in England and without professional writing experience.

You will be ecstatic to make between five and ten pounds a week from my writing, enough to buy me a drink at the pub once a week.

You don't have to choose what to write about, just like Textbroker.

Clients will post jobs on a bulletin board, which you will accept for a penny per word.

You can be compensated for writing articles, product descriptions, social media postings, or whatever the customer requires.

Copify on our list is one of the excellent sites where you can get paid to write articles.

It is a valuable talent that will help you advance in your job.


The core is a renowned website that has evolved into the most excellent article writer site because you can now earn money by writing articles on it.

In reality, a few days ago, this site began a program to make money by writing articles in Hindi.

Many people have already signed up to earn money by producing articles in Hindi and English.

Although some terms and conditions for joining his earning program have yet to be disclosed.

Many people have already joined and are making money by producing articles, so you can join the core now.

Pop Sugar

You probably heard of PopSugar, even if you don't know it. They frequently create viral listicles or human interest articles.

What's more, guess what?

Some of the listicles were written by myself.

It is also the best-paying site for anyone who wants to write articles.

Nobody enjoys writing listicles. Everyone believes they are superior to listicles.

What's more, guess what?

Listicles are popular among readers. Listicles are simple to read, have a lot of value, and pay the bills.

Listicles make up nearly all of my most popular stories.

UC Browser

Many people use UC Browser, and you probably have, but few people know that you can earn money by writing articles for it.

Many articles on your UC Browser are written by people who receive money in exchange for their work.

Therefore, many people earn money by writing articles on UC Browser.

You may also make money by writing articles on UC Browser.

To do so, you must first register an account and write the article it provides, after which you will be compensated.

Final Thoughts

In the above guide, we have learned about article writing and the best sites to make money by article writing.

We examine the various avenues via which you might earn money by writing articles.

Make sure you have promising writing talents before starting your article writing business.

Then, submit a modest portfolio of writing samples to present individuals who demonstrate your abilities.

Remember that a writing business takes time to grow, but if you're a true entrepreneur, you can make it a success.

Take your time to research your preferred writing niche, but don't be scared to get started.

Don't be afraid to make money from your writing.

The key is to start learning from day one.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions left that aren't covered in this post.

And if you find this post helpful then share it now on your social media!


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