How To Write Your First Blog Post: 4 Tips That You Should Know!

How To Write Your First Blog Post 4 Tips That You Should Know!

Since you’re reading this, I assume you’ve just started your blog and trying to future out how do I write my first blog post?

As a new blogger, you’ve taken a domain, hosting even set a great theme. But when you look into your empty post section then it can scare you a bit.

You might think that "what should I write? Or "on which topic should I write?" 

Now you're trying to find the best blogging topics out there, but can’t find any…

Or even if you’re able to find it then you got stuck on the process of which one should you pick for writing a blog.

Well, in this post I’m going to answer: how to write your first blog post -- without getting writer's block.

Common Mistakes That New Bloggers Make Writing A Blog Post

You know new bloggers when they start their blog, they’re too excited to just throw blog posts out there... and when it comes to writing their first blog post.

They make a common mistake.

The mistake that they make is making the first blog all about themselves. They try to introduce themselves in the blog by adding their long story.

Adding story it's not bad. But the timing is wrong. Let me tell you how.

As a reader, if he comes to your blog for the first time… it might sound harsh but they don’t care too much about you and your story.


Because it’s your new blog. Readers don't know you and about your authority.

They’ve come to your blog to get the info, to learn something, to get something in their knowledge.

The bloggers who are old and have established high authority, only they can talk about themselves, and their story because they’ve created a fan-based of readers.

Building this kind of popularity among readers takes time. So they already have done it.

But as a new blog you haven’t. So in excitement, a new blogger usually makes this mistake.

Instead, you should write your first blog focusing on your reader on... how you can teach and help them.

We are exactly going to learn that in this post.

So let’s get to the actual steps of how to start your first blog post.

Four Simple Tips To Write Your First Blog Post

1. Stay Within Your Niche

How To Write Your First Blog Post 4 Tips That You Should Know

First and foremost, you should stay within your niche.

Your first blog post should be specific to what you’re talking about and to whom you're talking (your reader).

Again on the excitement new bloggers get easily distracted and try to cover points out of the niche.

Where they go here and there to talk about the things that aren’t relevant to our topic or niche.

This is not a good way to start your first blog post.

If your reader gets the sense that you’re going off the niche and talking about irrelevant things then those things will put off your reader.

And you don't want that, right?

Also, you should know the success of your blog heavily relies on your readers -- and their experience.

So you should know what your audiences are. You have to write the actual information that they really want to know.

For example, if the niche is about health, then you should only talk about those topics rather than include irrelevant topics such as finance, copywriting, or tech.

Let me ask you a question. What is called the best blog?

Any guess? Let me tell it.

The best blog is where your readers get engaged with your blog. That's the one-liner answer.

So it’s very vital to stay within your niche and write your first blog according to that.

2. Write Informational Blog Post

The second tip is… write blog posts in a way where your reader can get useful information.

It can be from any niche. In simple words, you have to write info blog posts.

You might wonder, what is that? Let me explain.

An informational blog is where you’re giving valuable and useful information to your reader -- which they are looking for.

That’s the short definition. I think you got it.

I want to also add that... try to give basic info in your blog.

For this, you have to do some kind of audience research first -- to know what questions they have or they’re asking.

You can use forums like "Quora" and many more for research.

For example: If you have a niche where you’re teaching how to start a YouTube channel. Then the basic questions of the audience (from this niche) can be:

How To Write Your First Blog Post 4 Tips That You Should Know
See these are the basic questions that people are asking.

You can cover these types of basic questions in your first blog post. It goes for any niche.

So within that niche, you have to research your audience to find out the basic questions that they’re having.

Once you find it, you can answer those questions in your blog to make your blog useful for your reader.

By doing this, you can write your first informational blog post.

This will get you better engagements -- from the start.

3. Be Conversational

Writing an informational blog post is not enough.

This is one part the other part is... you have to keep your reader engaged.

To keep your reader engaged you should write your blog in a conversational manner.

Why is that?

Because blogging is like giving information to people and educating them on whatever the niche may be.

You have to know this… a reader comes to a blog to learn something. So you have to be a good teacher here.

You have to write the blog conversationally so your reader can digest it easily.

Again you’re not writing for yourself, you’re writing for your reader. So for that, you need to know your audience well.

You have to know what words they use, what tone they'll be comfortable in.

Don’t try to use heavy words because this will give your reader a bad signal like you're trying to be smart.

Rather be clear so your reader can understand easily what you’re giving them in your blog.

The clearer, the better results.

If you see, most successful bloggers use to write their blogs in a conversational way.

They use very light tones and easy-to-digest words to make the content easy to read.

As a reader, you want to learn in an easy way, not in a complicated way. Nobody wants that.

So write your blog in a conversational way to make connections with your reader.

Make them read your blog completely without getting stuck.

Try to make them read your blog from the start to the end so they can get the actual value that you want to give them.

Speaking of value, here comes my next tip.

4. Add Value To Your Reader’s Life

How To Write Your First Blog Post 4 Tips That You Should Know

As a blogger, if you want to be successful then you need to put value to your reader’s life.

Again as a quick reminder, you’re the teacher here and your reader is actually a student.

Because they’re on your blog to get answers for their specific questions.

So you have to show authority within your niche to make the reader feel that you know what you’re talking about. 

You have to give them value in your content so they can feel satisfied when they leave it.

Your success depends on your reader’s experience.

How can you do that? Let’s take an example here.

Let’s say if you’re in the writing niche where you teach people about content writing. Usually in this niche, a reader can have these types of basic questions:

-    How can I learn content writing?
-    What’s the scope of content writing?

Then you have to cover those points in your blog and give them real actionable steps which they can take to become a content writer.

But that’s not just it. You can add more value to your reader by giving them more info.

You can cover more points related to it. You can also cover these points:

-    Do you need a degree to be a content writer?
-    From where you can get high-paying content writing clients?
-    And many more.

As you can see by covering sub-topics you’re now giving more value to your reader.

So the reader will think that I’m getting all the info that I needed to get started.

By doing this you’ll establish authority. And the reader will get full details and they’ll leave satisfied from your blog.

There’s a 90% chance if they like your content they’ll come back to read more blogs.

By that, you'll get retaining readers. 

It’s all about value.

You're successful only when your readers get the value.


That’s all you need to know about how to write your first blog.

Blogging is actually a great thing. Where you can turn your passion into a profitable business.

But to be a successful blogger you have to help your reader and your audience. Blogging is not hard but it’s not easy as well.

You have the responsibility to provide valuable content to your reader. They should get solutions to their problems by reading your posts.

If you’re just starting, then these 4 tips will help you write your first blog.

Now you're ready to write your own post.

Good luck with your blogging journey!

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions left that aren't covered in this post.

And if you find this post helpful then share it now on your social media!

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