How to Write Killer Fiverr Gig Description For Content Writing (In Five Easy Steps)

How to Write Killer Fiverr Gig Description For Content Writing (In Five Easy Steps)

Today I am going to talk about how to write a Fiverr gig description for content writing

As a content writer, you have to keep in mind that, whenever a buyer visits your Fiverr profile the thing that makes him click on your gig is the -- title and the thumbnail.

After clicking, what really convinces him to order is your gig description. There are millions of sellers on Fiverr, and it has been reported recently that Fiverr has about "2.3 million sellers". That's a huge number!

So you gotta catch your buyer's attention to get work because he has a lot of options to choose from. 

As a freelance writer myself, I am going to share the five easy steps to write the best content writer description for fiverr gig so you can get as many buyers as you can. 

Without delay let's get started!

Steps To Write Fiverr Gig Description For Content Writing

1. Go Deep In The Research

The first step is to do deep research on your competitors. It's like whenever you get writer's block, you go to see other related samples (of your competitors) to get the idea.

Just like that, if you are a content writer or you can be a blogger...  just open other seller gigs that are providing the same services as you. 

And see how they have written their fiverr description. How they have targeted the pain points of the buyer because they're also providing the same service like you so their target buyer is the same

Try to figure out what pain points are they targeting in their gig description.  I am not telling you to copy but the goal is to take an idea and inspiration from it. 

Also, try to open those gigs which are doing well on Fiverr because by that you will know what formula will work. Because if it has worked from them then it will definitely work for you.  

Plus, the second thing that you should keep in mind is to gather all the keywords that they are using in their description. After looking at 10-15 gigs or as many as you can the more the better

Try to pick the keyboards that they're using in their gig -- and try to catch similar keywords and make a combination of these keywords to put in your gig description. 

Because using these keywords it will optimize your gig so you get to be seen at the top in the Fiverr search results. The more you're at the top the better chance you'll have.

How to Write Killer Fiverr Gig Description For Content Writing (In Five Easy Steps)

2. Write Catchy First Line

As you can know the attention span of the buyers are very low because they have a lot of other option to choose from. So you have to catch their attention in the first sentence of your description. That makes me come to my point. 

You have to catch their attention in your first line because if it's not grabbing their attention then they'll not be interested to read further. And if that happens then there's more chance they'll close your gig to visit other gigs.

So how do you catch their attention in the first line?  First, you have to do a little research on your buyers. You gotta dig out...

-    What's the main pain point that they're facing? 

-    Why do they need your help?  

-    What solutions are they looking for? 

First, you have to know that and then you can target those pain points and goals of your buyer. After that, you can use that to write an attention-grabbing first line of your description. 

For example, if your buyer is a blog owner and he's looking for a content writer to write SEO optimized blog post to get more traffic then you can target those pain points and write the first line of your gig description like this: 

Are you looking for a content writer to write SEO- optimized content to get more traffic? 

Or you can say... 

Are you a blog owner who's looking to get massive traffic? 

The main thing is to use the pain point that they are looking for. If you're able to catch their attention in the first line then there's a lot of chance they'll read further to come down to the end offer of your gig description. 

And if your offer is interesting and something that they want then they’ll definitely order your gig.

3. Keep It Simple & Easy To Read

The third step is to keep it simple and make it pleasing to the eyes. Doesn't matter how well you have written your description but if it's not crisp and to the point then the buyer will not read it. 

Now let's see it from a buyer’s perspective... if he comes to your description and he sees a large box of text without any bullets or short paragraphs or anything like that's easy to read - then he'll find it very difficult to read. 

And without reading it he can't really know about your benefits, what will he get working with you and hire you. 

If this happens then he'll be out from your gig and you will not get the work.  You don't want it to happen right?

Because this will give a bad signal to your buyer that… he'll think "this seller hasn't made any efforts to make it simple and understandable for me so how can I work with this seller

To prevent that,  you have to make it short, crisp and to the point - also make it clear and easy to read so he can get the idea by reading each sentence of your gig description.

Here are a few ways to make the content easy to digest and readable

-    Make short para and make sure that your single paragraph should not contain more than three sentences.

-    Also you can use bullets to tell your benefits. 

-    You can also use bolds, and italics to make the contents word more visible and readable.

-    And there are many more ways to do it.

4. Write Benefits That Can Solve Their Problems

This is the most important step of your description.  Let me say... this step can make or break your order. What do I mean by that? 

The importance of this step is very vital because now you will tell the benefits, the actual benefits to the buyer of why he should consider you over others. Now you have to use your persuasion and convincing skills to make him choose you. 

I'm not telling you to include the benefits same as other sellers because these will be too general, you have to be very specific.  

First, you have to do research on the pain points and goals of your buyers and show the benefits of your skills that can solve their problems and help them reach their goals. 

This step is probably the most important part of your gig description. Just like I said, "this can make and break your order". 

If you do this step well then the buyer will surely order you and if you mess in this step then you will get rejected by the buyer it might sound harsh but it's the truth. 

What you can do in this step is, you can repeat the possible pain points of your client in the first section (or para) of your gig description. You can say something like this: 

-    Do you want original content for your blog? 

-    Do you want to optimize your blog post to get massive traffic? 

-    Do you want to make your reader engaged till the end of your content?

This can be the possible pain points of a blog owner.  The pain points can be different for other buyers. Usually, blog owners have these kinds of pain points, and buyers whose a company owner selling products, he might have different kinds of pain points. 

Your job is to do deep research to know the burning pain points of your buyers. If you describe their pain points in your gig description then you'll be able to connect with your buyer. 

Let's assume if I'm targetting the buyer's who has the same pain points as above then I would write benefits in my gig description like this: 

-    If you choose to work with me you will get 100% original content with zero plagiarism 

-    Yes, I'll include keywords that your readers are searching on the web so you can get massive traffic to your blog. 

-    Also I will make the content easy-to-read so your reader finds it interesting to read your whole content from the start to the end.

This is just one example.  

You have to be specific here. Try to find your buyer's pain point and show the benefits of working with you. You've to show that how your skills can solve his (or her) problems.  

If the buyer sees the solutions to his pain points in your description then nothing can stop him to order you.

How to Write Killer Fiverr Gig Description For Content Writing (In Five Easy Steps)

5. Offer Something That They Can't Refuse

This sounds cinematic, right? You've to offer them something that they can't refuse. This is powerful.

Now you've come to the end section of your gig description where you have to give the CTA to your buyer. But I see most sellers use simple CTA. They use like; contact me or message me, or looking forward to your response -- something like this. 

This is too simple and general. These are good lines but not very powerful and intriguing.  You have to include a powerful CTA so the buyer gets curious to message you. 

You have to offer something valuable to them.  You can include any "free value offer" in this like about a... short free mockup offer like: "I can write the first 100-200 words of your blog as a free sample and if you like it then you can order me so I can complete it." 

Or you can give them some kind of discount or some kind of urgency that "if you order now then I'll give you 50% discount

Based on my experience what I see is... the free mock-up offer works the best

Because it sounds safe for the buyer because he is not paying for the short mockup. You might think they can scam you but based on my experience but I want to tell you that, whenever I offered the free mockup to the buyer, I usually get hired (almost 80% of the time). 

You have to have confidence in your skills and if you're good at your work then you should not be afraid to offer a free mockup. I get good results by offering this so you can also give it a try.

Fiverr Gig Description Samples For Content Writing

Sample 1:

Do You Want Your Tech Articles To Rank On The 1st Page Of Google? 

Alone SEO Friendly Content will not make your technology blog appear on the 1st page. It Takes A Lot More! 

These key elements will boost your tech content to rank:

  1. 100% original writing
  2. Conversational tone -- to hook your reader
  3. Easy-to-read content
  4. Keywords research -- to get high traffic on your tech article
  5. Helpful tech blog (where your audience can learn something about technology

Why choose me? I’ll make sure you get:

  • Targeted posts (according to your niche)
  • Well-crafted writing -- to engage your reader
  • SEO friendly content
  • Quality Results & Clear Communication
  • Unlimited Revisions -- until you are 100% satisfied

NOTE: If you didn’t get the desired results or if I fail to meet the deadline

Then I’ll give you BACK ALL YOUR MONEY (Guaranteed).

If you want a Killer Tech Articles…

Then feel free to send me your message. Let’s Get Started NOW! 

P.S - Before placing an order, contact me so we can get on the right track before starting the work.

Sample 2: 

Email Marketing Is The Secret Tool To Boost Your Sales!

What do you want in Your Email Copy are these:


Powerful Sales Copy that -- Catches Your Reader's Attention

Describe the Benefits of your business -- to Your Target Audience

Words that can -- Connect with Your Customers

Quality Content & Fast Delivery.

What you get working with me:

  1. 100% Customized Content.
  2. Emotional Trigger Words (that'll connect with your audience.)
  3. Strong CTA that'll drive your READER to take the ACTION.
  4. No SPAM Words (and Phrases) -- that’ll end up in the Junk Folder.
  5. Unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied.


You’ll get emails that’ll sound “Offering Benefits” to your customers, rather than just making a SALE!

NOTE: If you didn’t get the desired results, then I’ll give you BACK ALL YOUR MONEY (Guaranteed).

If you want top-notch email copy to boost your sales, then feel free to send me your message. Let’s Get Started NOW!

P.S. Before placing an order, contact me so we can get on the right track before starting the work.


As a fiverr freelance writer, you have to write your description very well so you can convince your buyer to work with you. Gig description plays a vital role in the success of your Fiverr profile

Fiverr gig description is the cream of your gig because if you have a great title and a great thumbnail but have a mediocre description, then there's a 95% chance that the buyer will not be convinced to work with you.

Your Fiverr success heavily relies on how well you've written your gig description. So use these tips to write a killer gig description so you can get more content writing projects regularly.

If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Post Then Comment Below, I'll Get Back To You ASAP! 

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