How To Write Blog Posts Faster Within 90 Minutes Or Less

How To Write Blog Posts Faster Within 90 Minutes Or Less

Blogging is a fun thing, where you decide whatever you want to write. But sometimes it gets harder writing a blog. If you're running a blog as a business then you need consistent traffic, and for that - you need to post blogs consistently

So how to write blog posts faster where you can post them regularly on your blog to make it grow?

I like to share few tips with you, where you can easily write blog posts faster in less than 90 minutes. This can save you time and you will enjoy the process.

So without further delay let's see what are the tips to write blog posts faster.

Pick A Simple Topic

How To Write Blog Posts Faster Within 90 Minutes Or Less

Sounds too simple, right? Yes I know you might be thinking that... writing on a simple topic is easy. But let me tell you, it's not that simple as it sounds. If you're having a bad day or low motivation level then writing can become a nightmare. So picking a simple topic to write a blog on will be a good option. 

Writing a blog on a big or complicated topic can become harder sometimes so what you can do is break it, make few simple topics from it and write about them.

You can make a weekly list of topic ideas on what you plan to write that week. So whenever you come to write about a topic it's already there so you don't have to think about the topic which you want to write about.

Plus, you can also plan the blog style or outline of that topic... whether it can be "how-to", "7 ways", "Story type" of a blog. This will let you save you a lot of time and you can put more time into writing the blog rather than thinking about the topic that you want to write about.

Now let's break down the steps to... 

Write Blog Posts Faster In 90 Mins Or less

* Keyword Research: 

The first step is to do keywords research to write post. It will take about 10 minutes max. There are few tools online for keyword research... like Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, etc.

Use these tools to find keywords that your competitor are using to rank their blog posts. Just pick some of the keywords that have less difficulty then use that to write your blog.

* Outline Your Post:

Outlining will make it much easier for you to write the blog quickly. You just need 10 minutes to do this. The type of outline that you want to create depends on your blog idea. If you plan to write a step-style blog then the outline will be different and if it's a list or story type blog then the outline will be different. 

Just outline the main points that you want to cover in the blog. You can write subheads while outlining your blog then you can fill it with the content which I am going to tell you later in this post.

* Write Intro: 

You've created the outline so now time to write the introduction paragraph of your blog. Inject your main keywords into it. It doesn't have to be too long... just write 1-2 paragraphs each para containing 4-5 sentences. 

Keep it simple and clear to the reader. Let them know what they can expect from the blog. Tell them how these tips will work for them so that will create curiosity in the reader to further read it. It will take you around 10 minutes to write the intro.

* Expand Your Outline: 

Now is the time to expand on each outline's main point or subhead serial-wise that you've already created. This can take up to 30-40 minutes. 

Fill each outline with a few sentences and you don't need to be fancy here. Just write the information that you want to give to the reader in simple words so they can digest it easily. Try to include facts, quotes, numbers in the content to make it more engaging.

Also, inject related keywords of your topic into the content without being pushy. Don't push your keywords in the content if it doesn't sound natural. The key is to inject keywords naturally so if it doesn't sound good then don't include it.

* Write Conclusion: 

You don't need to add any new information here. Put your main information in the body content and use the conclusion section to wrap up things. It'll take 10 min max.

Write it as a summary of your blog. Just give your final thoughts on the main points of the blog and end with a good note and most importantly... keep it simple.

Plus in the ending lines, you can also give them a call to action. It can be sharing your blog posts on social media or ask for a subscription or joining the newsletter.

* Edit Your Blog Posts: 

Now that you've written the first draft. It will look a bit messy and will contain errors in it. To make it flow start editing it. Correct the typos, sentence making, and one thing that you can do is... read it aloud and see where it doesn't flow so edit and repeat the process.

Do this 4-5 times or more until you see that your blog sounds smooth and it's in the flow without any errors. This process can take from 10-30 minutes but if we take an average editing time of a blog, it can be around 15 mins.

* Fine Tune Your Blog: 

This is the last step that can take as little as 5 mins. Fine-tune means... you'll format the blog in a way to make it look attractive. 

You can bold the headlines and any words or sentences that you want to emphasize. You can break long paragraphs into short ones to improve readability. It's up to you on - how you can make it easy to read and look engaging. 

Congrats, you've written the perfect blog post in less than 90 minutes. 

Now you know how to write blog posts faster. Let's see some other tips that you can use to speed up your writing.

Turn Off Distractions

How To Write Blog Posts Faster Within 90 Minutes Or Less

Distraction is the biggest killer of focus. In writing or in anything that you do... if you want to complete the task quickly then you need your full focus on it. So when you're writing turn off your notifications and keep your mobile away... if possible turn off your mobile. 

Make a sacred space for yourself while you're writing. You can use some tools to boost your focus like hearing natural sounds or instrumental music.

Don't Edit While Writing First Draft

This is the number 1 mistake that I see in new writers. They try to edit while they are writing. They write a sentence and they edit it right away. They write another sentence and they edit it. This will slow up the process of your writing. 

Stop judging yourself while writing the first draft. You can't write a perfect blog post in the first draft. My advice is... just get with the flow and write the first draft as fast as possible. 

The idea is to use the creative part of your brain to pour out amazing things. You don't need to use your logical brain at the same.

Forget about mistakes and grammar just write as you think and talk. Write the first draft completely from a to z even if doesn't make any sense. Just write it. Get in the writing zone and complete it. You can make edits after you are done writing the first draft.

If you're thinking to write a perfect blog post on your first attempt then you will never do it. Because perfectionism is like a hole with no end. You will never get to the end line. So first, write your idea out in the first draft and then make edits later.


Writing blog posts faster is not just a good thing. It's also vital for your blog growth. There is too much competition in blogging. If you want to beat other popular blogs then you need to know this formula: Quality + Quantity = Blog Growth! 

It means you need to put a lot of quality content out there consistently. To do that you must write blog posts faster. Consider these tips to write your next blog. It's okay if you are not able to write it in under 90 mins the first time. But you will eventually do it after some practice. 

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