How To Start A Blog In 2022 And Make Money

How To Start A Blog In 2021 And Make Money
How To Start A Blog In 2022 And Make Money

In today's post, I am going to tell you how to create a blog with these 7 steps and make money online. Yes, you will learn how to start a blog from scratch and grow it. 

This is the same process that most successful bloggers use to get massive traffic per day, per month. So how to grow a blog and get high rankings? If you want to reach thousands and millions of people then you'll love these steps which I am about to share.

Step 1 - Position Your Blog

The success of your blog heavily relies on how well you have positioned it. Most people create a blog they think like "Should I use Blogspot or WordPress blog" or which of them is the best?"... "which SEO plugins are best?"

If you want to compete and make money blogging then stop asking these questions. When I launched this blog I use to think a lot about plugins and themes and other stupid things that don't even matter.

So the question stands how you will position your blog?

Another meaning of position is what makes your blog writing unique? How your one is different from others?

I have heard horror stories that people get motivated to start a blog. They pick a niche and started writing on it without positioning it.

After some time they didn't get the results that they were expecting, then they got hurt and they eventually quit. 

So you should make positioning your top priority when starting a blog, if you go generic then there is a 95% chance that you will fail badly. 

Like if you choose the marketing field and you launch a digital marketing blog then you will be lost in a pool of competition because there are already giants in the field and they are doing great.

So if you want to shine and stand out then choose a specific niche... if you choose writing then copywriting will be great, to make it more narrow let's choose freelance copywriting. By this, you'll get more results. I think you got the idea.

That's called positioning. Try to focus on one specific niche for at least 3-4 months and only cover that topic during that time.

You will eventually see your blog will grow, then you can go on to cover all other related topics.

Now step number 2.

Step 2 - Post Valuable Content

Now that you have position yourself in your niche... so focus on posting powerful content on your blog where your viewer finds it valuable. Make it so valuable for your reader that other blogs are not. The goal is to do what others are not doing.

Like for example, I write a blog on "what is copywriting?". I didn't just give them basic knowledge. I showed them the exact steps to get into copywriting and learn it, also earn from it.

I showed them each and every step that they can start right away without any prior experience. I also followed that step.

It really depends on your niche like for example let's talk about Neil Patel. He talks about SEO, ranking, and all related stuff. He's a beast in this field. Whenever you think about SEO then Neil Patel comes to mind. How did he do that? The answer is he choose a specific niche.

Your goal should be to make your reader say "wow" after reading your content and get real value from it.

Step 3 - Get A Professional Design

Whenever readers land on your blog what do they see first? They see your homepage and the layout of your page. 

They judge you from it and only after they get past it do they go into your content. This is the fact that your design will prove your credibility to the reader. It doesn't matter how great is your content but if you have a sloppy design then your reader will bounce off.

It doesn't mean that you need a great design and you're thinking of spending the most money on making the designs and themes. It's not that.

You just need to have a clean and professional design where your reader will get a good impression and think that they are in a credible space.

In my case, I have a good simple design with a clear layout. I choose the colors to make them pleasing to the eyes. Imagine if I use dark background color with purple text on it. Then it would definitely look crap.

It also doesn't mean that you put your all effort into your design and not on content. No, you just need to make your design feel professional and clear. That's all.

You can also hire an expert freelancer to do it for you using freelancing sites.

We've talked about designs now let's get into the content.

Step 4 - Write An Unique Story

There are more than thousands of blog sites that use the same approach to write "how-to" blogs and "Tip" posts but if you wanted to stand out then you should include unique stories into your posts.

Using personal and real stories can help you in engagements. People like other people's stories, they always try to relate. Now you see why Netflix is so popular.

If you are in a niche that is too competitive, so what will make your blog stand out? It's simple if you include unique stories into it, that will spice up your post which will keep your reader interested and they will remember you as a brand.

Make sure to include these two things in your story... 

  • Number one: Tell them your personal story, how you have felt back in the day that your reading is facing right now. They will connect with you and your story so it will create a bond.
  • Number two: Then let them know about your journey how you overcome that problem with facing many roadblocks. How you dealt with it so it will help them in their journey to figure out the solution for their problem.

If you include your story then it will give your reader a different vibe and they will think this is different and they will feel more connected to your content. This will help your blog stand out.

Things are getting interesting, right? Let's dive into the fifth step.

Step 5 - Promote Your Post

Now you've completed the content creation process, the next big thing is how to get traffic to your blog?

Most people (also I use to do this earlier in my career) publish the blog post and share it on social media platforms and wait for it to get massive traffic. This is not the right approach. 

Now what I do is... I use the 80/20 principle. The content creation and posting part almost takes 20% of my effort and time... then I put my 80% effort and time promoting it.

So the question stands how do you promote your new blog to make money quickly? 

Obviously, SEO is an important part of promoting your blog, you can't ignore that. SEO will get you organic traffic. But other than that you gotta take a step forward to promote your post with a different approach.

Pre Promotion:

Yes, you've heard it right. You gotta start the promotion process before publishing your post. This is a different approach than most bloggers do.

What they do is publish the post and then they try to promote it via social media. I don't say it doesn't work but this can sound pushy to your subscribers and followers. It can sound like "Hey, I have published a new post so please read it and share". Doesn't sound that attractive right?

Instead, you can flip it and send an email to your subscribers with this script: "Hey, I just like to tell you that I'm working on a post that is related to SEO. SEO is the backbone of any post to get ranked so I am working to gather a few tips and tricks to show how you can do SEO for your post to get the most traffic. Stay tuned"

See, you have already promoted your content even without asking them to share. This will get them excited and you might get a reply like this "Hey, thanks for sharing this. Yes, I am waiting for it."

Yes, you can also use social media to promote your post. This will also get you high reach and engagements but email has its own place.

So try this approach next time when you are posting new content on your blog.

Speaking of email, let's see step 6.

Step 6 - Grow Your Email List

We all know social media has its own power but email marketing is still considered a powerful tool to get leads, traffic, and sales.

  • If you have an email list then it will boost your chances to get more engagements. Whether you're selling any products or have a Youtube channel or blog, an email list helps you in all aspects.

  • If you're selling a product then you can promote it and send emails to your list so they can know where and how to get it.

  • If you're a YouTuber then you can send an email each time you published a new video. That will get you more views and your subscribers list will grow.

You can't imagine that your email list is too powerful to make your post viral. Each time you post new content your list will get notified by email and then you'll see the magic yourself.

So how do you build an email list?

You can use your homepage to gather emails by making them visible to them. You can also use it on your posts. The goal is to make that opt-in form visible on every page. So they can easily see it and fill it with their emails.

You can also use a lead magnet to encourage the reader to give you their emails. This will give your more chance to get their emails by sharing them sone kind of free value like pdfs, E-books, videos, etc.

You don't have to be fancy here, it can be a short E-book. You don't have to write it fully you can use the contents from your post and mix it up and then create a free E-Book and use it as a lead magnet.

Pdf's are effective too, this can be simply as some small tips or you can take a post from your blog and make it pdf. Then you can use it in your lead magnet. 

People like free content, and if they find it valuable then they will be coming back for more. So the purpose is to grow your email list to get the most out of it.

This will help your blog in long run. Now that we have talked about some key points. Let's talk about the last step.

Step 7 - React To Comments

Replying to comments, most people take this for granted. When see you after some time that your blog is getting some traffic and people are engaging with your post.

By then you will be seeing comments on your post. My advice is... try to respond and react to every single comment on your post.

With this, you'll start to form a community, and this is very important because most blogs owners don't take the comment section seriously. 

Some don't respond to comment and even some of them don't include the comment section in their posts. The comment section is very vital for your blog growth.

Try to respond to every comment that you get in your posts in the first few days or weeks. With this, you'll eventually see that people are feeling more connected, and this will grow your blog much quicker than you expected.

Conclusion [with a bonus tip]

Now that you've decided to use your passion and create a blog in 2022 to make money. With these 7 proven steps, you can get quicker results and make a great impression on whatever niche you choose.

Now here's a bonus tip for you... creating a blog and growing it is not an easy task. You can get burnout during this period because growing a blog and getting massive traffic and engagements takes time. You have to put all your effort and time into your blog for 3-4 months to get where you wanted. 

Now the tip is to build a relationship with other blogs. You can simply send out emails to other blog owners and form some kind of professional relationship. You can offer them to have a weekly meeting or video meeting on zoom or skype. 

In this meeting, you can discuss the ideas and share knowledge. It's basically networking and you know this saying "Your network is your net worth".

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