5 Amazing Productivity Tips For Freelance Writers

5 Amazing Productivity Tips For Freelance Writers
5 Amazing Productivity Tips For Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, I always ask myself how to stay productive and get done as much as I can on a given day. If you're a writer like me then there is always a time when you get stuck, I mean absolutely stuck and don't know what to write. 

If you have faced this then you will find these work productivity tips helpful.

So here we are going to discuss 5 ways to improve productivity and get rid of your writer's block once and for all.

Let's get into it.

1. Plan At least 3 Ideas Ahead

Most freelance writers got stuck and face writer's block, it's not really that they are not having good things to say. The reason is they are stuck on what to say when to say, and how to say it.

So if you plan a minimum of 3 ideas ahead of time then you will get rid of writer's block and you can increase productivity.

The action step is to set a day to sit and write at least 3-5 ideas and outline them so you have some ideas ahead in the bucket. And what to do next is just add one single idea to that list, it can be an article that you want to write, or book that you want to complete or sales funnel copies, etc.

The idea is to plan ahead, so if you consistently add ideas to that list then you will see the magic of having 10, 15, and 20 ideas ahead. So now you can focus on how to write and not on what to write. This will save up much of your time.

Instead of getting stuck in writer's block, now you have many options to choose on what you want to write, just take an idea from the list and do little research, and start writing. It's easy and simple.

2. Set Small Milestones

The goal is to set small goals that you can achieve quickly. If you want to write 1k words per day then you don't have to make that a whole plan. For some people writing 1k words per day sounds frustrating but if you can break it and make it easier for your brain to digest then it will be achievable.

You can make a plan like, "let's just write the next 100 words, or let just write the next sentence". The goal is to make progress doesn't matter how small it is as long as it's moving the needle.

When you plan to write 1000 words and after writing the first 400 words you feel tired, then tell yourself "Can I write another sentence, can I write another 50 words, etc." If you have this mentality then you will see the progress yourself. You will reach 1000 words without breaking a sweat.

These small wins will boost your confidence. After completing each small milestone as small as writing the next 50 words you will feel more confident. You'll see how fast you will be writing each time if you have this mentality daily.

You are not thinking about the finish line, your only focus is to take a step forward. You will be more focused and stay productive. With time you will see you've hit the finish line of 1k words. This is a great strategy for productivity improvement and getting momentum.

3. Use Pomodoro Method

It's like for 25 mins you're are writing and then take a 5 min break. For some writer's this can't be effective, because some prefer to write for 1 hour straight and then take a break. This technique is to write for 25 mins and then take a 5 min break.

During the break don't look at your computer, go out, drink, and then after 5 mins come back and resume work. In the break you can do some stretching, or listen to your favorite music anything you can do that makes you relax.

After the break, go back to your computer screen and start the cycle of 25 mins. Do non-stop writing for another 25 mins and then take a break of 5 min. You have to repeat this cycle, this will do great for your productivity.

4. Make Accountability Partners

The fourth tip is to make a group of friends that can hold you accountable. You can tell your friends that your goal is to hit 1k words for today, and you can ask him his or her goal whatever that is. Then you can get in a zoom call or chat to exchange updates for each other goals.

If you set a goal and keep it to yourself. Then you don't feel accountable for it, you can think like  "I have made this my own goal, what will happen if I don't achieve it." Sometimes you get lazy and don't hit your milestones.

But having a partner or a friend that can hold you accountable for your goals will be a great productivity tip. If you get lazy or don't feel motivated then you will think about the friend that will ask you about your goals.

This will charge you up, and you will eventually hit your milestones for the day.

5. Get Rid Of Distractions

One of the biggest things that freelance writers face, which keeps them stuck is distractions. It can be as small as checking the notification on your social media or phone. 

It can also be like, you go on the google and search-related item for your project, but most of the time you'll get lost in web surfing. You can get distracted by checking Twitter or your Youtube notification of new upload videos, etc.

So set time to do deep work and other work. Set a time for your writing and turn off all distractions. Just focus on writing for that period. Once you complete your cycle then you can check emails, social media, etc. The goal is to get it done with complete focus. 

These are the five productivity tips that I wanted to share so do consider these tips when you're writing your next task.

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